Sleep & productivity, safety, absenteeism, presenteeism, work life balance, employee engagement & communication.

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Benefits of engaging Third Pillar of Health

Good quality sleep improves health, safety, productivity and ultimately the bottom line.

Tackling fatigue leads to a virtuous circle which will show on your bottom line. Healthier and happier employees are less likely to be absent through illness and are less inclined towards presenteeism. They have greater clarity of thought, improved communication skills and are more team focused. Stress and fatigue are common companions, by tackling fatigue you can also reduce overall stress levels – the most common reason for long term sickness absence.

Area of Business Well-rested Staff Fatigued Staff
Productivity Are more productive Are less productive
  • are better able to manage workloads
  • are more creative
  • are more team focused
  • are more productive.
  • Sleeping for less than 5 hours a night can inhibit performance to the same extent as being legally drunk.
  • A study from Circadian technologies showed that regularly working 60+ hours a week leads to a performance decline of up to 25%.
Safety Make fewer errors Are a greater safety risk
  • make fewer errors and take fewer risks.
  • It has been shown that fatigued people are more likely to take risks (even in the battlefield).
  • The Exxon Valdeez, Challenger Space Shuttle, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and Herald of Free Enterprise (to name a few) catastrophes were all attributable to human fatigue.
Absenteeism Are less likely to be absent Are more susceptible to ill health
  • are less susceptible to illness
  • have better long-term health
  • are less prone to stress.
  • Poor quality sleep has been scientifically documented to increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.
  • Fatigue also reduces the body’s immune system meaning staff are more susceptible to common illnesses such as colds and flu.
  • Stress and fatigue are common companions.
Presenteeism Achieve more during the day Achieve less during the day
  • are more proactive
  • rarely report that fatigue interferes with their work
  • suffer less from the circadian dip.
  • Fatigued staff are more likely to suffer from lower morale.
  • They also suffer more from the natural drowsy spell in the afternoon caused by our circadian rhythm.
  • They report that fatigue interferes with their work on a regular basis.
Work life balance Lead a more balanced life Struggle with conflicting responsibilities
  • are able to make a full contribution in all aspects of life
  • are happier
  • are less stressed.
  • Fatigued people do not have the energy to make a full contribution to all aspects of their lives – leading to stress and feelings of resentment. They also suffer in their professional relationships and personal relationships.
  • Fatigued people become overwhelmed by their responsibilities.
Staff engagement Are more engaged at work Are less engaged at work
  • A good work life balance translates into better staff engagement.
  • Poor work life balance translates to low staff engagement. In turn this results in lower productivity, and increased absence.
  • Working relationships become compromised. Fatigued staff are less co-operative and team-orientated.
Communication Communicate better Suffer from poor communication
  • Well rested people are better able to express themselves. They have better mental and verbal reasoning.
  • It is proven that fatigue leads to a reduction in our vocabulary. Our communication becomes disjointed.
The bottom line Contribute more Cost more
  • Make stronger contributions at work, are less likely to be absent and are more productive – which has a strong positive effect on the bottom line.
  • Fatigued staff are more prone to absenteeism, presenteeism and reduced productivty – all of which have a negative impact on your bottom line.
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'85% of 30-something women regularly feel tired - 59% feel tired all the time'

(Actimel & Top Sante Survey)

If your staff are well rested and energetic you will see the value across a number of key metrics you probably already monitor and invest in. Our programme is the final piece in the jigsaw.