Employee engagement. Staff engagement. Greater personal energy means greater motivation & engagement.

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Staff engagement
Staff engagement
Staff engagement

Employee enagagement

Fatigue eats away at the energy of your staff.

A senior business executive once pointed out that “managing your energy is more important than managing your time.” Energetic staff are less likely to make errors or take risks. They will also be more productive, creative and team focused.

Being unable to make a full contribution in any one area of our lives means we quickly become resentful of the causes. A key aspect of employee engagement is to ensure the work and life balance is in equilibrium. With greater energy and a good balance between work and home your staff will be able to make the necessary contributions demanded of them in all aspects of their life.

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'General practicioners say up to 1 in 3 patients complain of feeling tired all the time'


Third Pillar of Health helps individuals improve their personal energy thereby making them more motivated and engaged at work.