Interactive seminars & workshops on sleep & personal energy.

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Interactive seminars and workshops

The Third Pillar of Health interactive session runs for between 30 and 90 minutes, with additional time for questions and answers.

A well as the content in our online learning module we can also look at shift work, jet lag, napping or any subject you would like us to cover. We will also provide an attendee survey results report so you can track the impact of the sessions.

Face-to-face sessions enable staff to ask questions that are relevant to them.  Run by trained Third Pillar of Health personnel, our depth of knowledge and passion for the subject translate into an engaging learning experience. Across the previous sessions we have run 96% of respondents say they have learned something new to help manage their personal energy better and would recommend that their colleagues attend.

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'Maximising staff energy levels throughout the day has led to longer periods of concentration and focus'

Neil Harrison,
Operations Manager,
Maintenance Management Ltd

An engaging face-to-face seminar or workshop allows your staff to ask the questions on sleep and personal energy that are relevant to them.