Online fatigue training for staff. Simple, effective, engaging, convenient & cost-effective.

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Fatigue training is an integral part of any occupational health and staff performance strategy.

With the Third Pillar of Health online assessment, training and examination programme, your employees can be trained in best practices for fatigue management.

The programme consists of four parts: Assessment, training, testing, and reporting. On completion both the individual and organisation receive reports that help identify areas of improvement and for the organisation areas of greatest need.

Our core sleep module looks at:

  • Sleep architecture
  • The link between sleep and overall health
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Our natural circadian rhythms
  • Coping strategies to help deal with sleep deprivation.

There is no barrier to the content we can deliver. If there is a particular topic you would like us to cover you simply have to ask.

Advantages of the Third Pillar of Health online fatigue assessment, training & examination programme include:

  • Convenient: Because it’s online, employees can take the course at their own pace
  • Easy to use: Accessed with a standard web-browser, the programme is intuitive and simple to follow
  • Effective: Our entertaining multi-media programme uses voice, images, and video to teach fatigue management
  • Documented: Testing results are archived as a record of your efforts to prevent fatigue
  • Cost effective: From £15 per person it is a highly cost-effective and flexible tool for tackling fatigue.
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'Obstructive sleep apnoea occurs in c. 2.5% of the adult population'


Add fatigue assessment and training to your current occupational health and staff performance programmes. Fatigued staff mean lower returns on all programme investments.