Sleep is the third pillar of health. Fatigue assessment & staff training & seminars & workshops

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Sleep, together with cardio vascular fitness and nutrition form the three pillars of good health. Sufficient good quality sleep is vital to keeping us healthy and productive.

Third Pillar of Health Ltd is a leading provider of fatigue management solutions to public and private sector organisations. Originally part of a previous company, with 5 years of operations, Third Pillar of Health acquired the assessment, staff training and e learning section of the business to focus on helping companies and individuals reduce fatigue and improve their personal energy.

We have worked with leading sleep research scientists to put together our assessment and staff training programmes. Through continued investment we can now offer our online training solutions through our e learning programme. We also continue to offer our popular face-to-face interactive workshops for staff groups.

We are ideally placed to help you understand the level, impact and causes of fatigue within your organisation and suggest appropriate steps to tackle problem areas. We also provide information so individuals can make informed decisions about their daily routine and night time sleep to reduce fatigue and improve personal energy.

We are passionate about our subject and the knowledge we have accumulated over the years has led to significant improvements in our own night time sleep and daytime energy. It is often only a small change that can have a big impact. We look forward to working with you as a valued partner to your organisation.

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'There's lots of talk about about how sleep aids productivity...We noticed a greater output of work, especially in our creative department'

Richard Coombes,
Regional HR Director,
Arc Worldwide

Sleep is the third pillar of health. Sufficient good quality sleep is vital to health, safety & productivity.