Why tackle fatigue? Health, safety, productivity, legislation & profitability.

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Why act now?

Every day of staff fatigue costs your company in lost productivity. In the challenging economic environment missed opportunities become even more costly.

When we factor in increased costs of absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover the cumulative effect has a significant impact on the bottom line. Our cost-effective and flexible solutions can begin immediately.

In summary:


Fatigue related accidents cost the economy billions of pounds every year and result in the unnecessary injury or death of thousands of people. By tackling fatigue you will help your organisation prevent these often tragic events from happening.


Sleep is the third pillar of health together with cardiovascular fitness and nutrition. It has been well documented that sleep- deprived individuals succumb more frequently to illness and are more likely to experience poorer long term health. By helping them manage fatigue, you are giving them better health.


By encouraging better sleep habits at home and energy improving personal energy levels, you will make your organisation more productive.


 / legislation

Many industries now come under legislation mandating compliance with fatigue risk management programmes. Failure to comply can result in fines and prosecution. In the UK Fatigue falls under the Duty of Care legislation and employers are required to eliminate or at least reduce the risk of fatigue. Under recent corporate manslaughter legislation it is no longer acceptable to turn a blind eye. If a risk should have been identified management are culpable. Failure to adequately manage the risk can result in fines and in the worse case imprisonment.

 The bottom


Fatigue affects your company’s financial performance. Whether it is through staff costs such as absenteeism, presenteeism or staff turnover. Fatigue leads to low employee engagement, low morale and reduced idea generation. Accidents attributable to fatigue lead to significant direct costs and also drive up insurance premiums. Tackling fatigue can have a significant and positive effect on your bottom line.

To understand how to tackle the debilitating issue of fatigue contact Third Pillar of Health now.
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'Regulalry sleeping less than 5 hours a night impairs performance to the same extent as being legally drunk'

(Harvard Business Review)

Failing to understand whether fatigue is an issue in your organisation may have serious consequences for all your stakeholders. It is time to act now!