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What is it about
What is it about
What is it about
What is it about
What is it about

Why engage Third Pillar of Health?

Sleep together with cardiovascular fitness and nutrition form the three pillars of good health. Sufficient good quality sleep is vital to keeping us healthy and productive.

However, fatigue is now common in the UK. General Practitioners say that up to one in three patients complain of feeling tired all the time (TATT). The fatigue epidemic in the UK has led one eminent Oxford Professor to describe Britain as a “Zombie Nation.”

The amount we sleep has fallen in recent times. Ever since the invention of the light bulb there has been a stream of inventions that keep us from sleep. We are working longer hours and many people see sleep as a necessary sacrifice to achieve more but in reality performance and health decline significantly with less sleep.

Fatigue can be deadly in an operating room, in a control room, or behind the wheel. When the human body fights fatigue, it can be overcome by microsleeps – short bouts of unconsciousness lasting between a fraction of a second and 10 seconds. Microsleeps are impossible to control and very difficult to predict.

By training your employees to manage their fatigue, Third Pillar of Health can help improve the safety of your workplace, employee health and the productivity of your organisation.

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'42% of people in the South East sleep for less than 5 hours a night'

(GMTV poll 2006)

For too long staff tiredness and fatigue has been overlooked. A recent study showed fatigue as the greatest issue affecting organisational productivity.